RunKeeper is a popular fitness app based out of Boston, MA. It enables users to track their daily workouts, while motivating them to live healthier, more active lives.


RunKeeper wanted to acknowledge users’ hard work, while introducing a monetization strategy into its app. As the company had never incorporated advertising, it aimed to do so in a way that felt more natural than traditional methods.

Their solution

RunKeeper partnered with Kiip to reward its 34 million users during milestone moments, such as a fastest new pace. The rewards appeal to RunKeeper’s fitness-focused demographic, with sports watches, protein-laden snacks and more.


RunKeeper’s engagement rate hit 33.1% and its eCPM averaged $83.7.

Monetize like RunKeeper

RunKeeper’s CEO and Founder, Jason Jacobs, expressed his enthusiasm over the Kiip-RunKeeper partnership.

"[It] has been an awesome way for us to deliver on our mission of helping people everywhere experience the joys of running. We’re excited to deepen the relationship with our user base by seamlessly connecting with them at such key moments in their fitness journeys."

Rewards lead to higher engagement among users and better monetization for developers. 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards vs. ads, and over 3,000 games and apps already use Kiip to monetize. Learn more about Kiip at kiip.me/developers.