This is the third in a series of interviews with top product managers at mobile-focused companies. The interviews include exclusive content covering best practices, KPI optimizations, mobile predictions and more. Arash Hadipanah, Rue La La’s Senior Mobile Product Manager, sat down with Kiip to discuss the dynamics of native apps. His opinions might just surprise you.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a PM for a mobile app?

You can’t just shoehorn desktop into mobile — less is more. You have to focus on the key features and that simplicity is great. With a mobile display, you’re limited with what you can show, which forces you to think about what is most important.

What key metrics do you monitor and optimize to build successful mobile apps?

New member registrations, purchase conversion rate and average order value. We run a lot lot of A/B tests to optimize these three key metrics.

What’s your favorite third party tool? Analytics, user attribution, ab testing, etc.

We use Artisan for A/B testing and Localytics for analytics.

What’s one complementary service that you wish existed for developing mobile apps?

Native deeplinking for iOS. Especially when you don’t have the app, the experience is very poor. We’ve had success with deeplinking from mobile-optimized emails, so I’d like to see deeplinking become a larger part of the OS.

What are your thoughts on mobile apps versus mobile web?

You need a dual strategy here. It’s important to have a mobile website for the platforms you might not be ready to invest in. For example, if you only have an iOS app, you need to have a mobile website to complement that in order to cater to users on Android or Windows.

What mobile commerce trend are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about beacons and tying offline personalization with online data. Tailoring the in-store experience with online behavior is amazing.